Specialised in Leasing of Safe Deposit Box

The vault premises is owned by our Company, offering you a stable and reliable accommodation for your items.

We have arranged an insurance coverage of HK$100,000 for Property ALL RISKS for the contents of each Safe Deposit Box (subject to the rules and conditions in the Policy)

We are a member of TAPA security consultants company, equipped with the international accredited professional Warehouse Security System, monitoring 24 hours a day directly connected to the police.

We are a member of Supply Chain Security Association (SCSA), playing the leading role in the logistic industry to reinforce the importance of security related to supply chain.

The vault is equipped with fire protection system and full compliance to the fire safety standards.

All safe deposit boxes were made with “304 stainless steel”, with up to 800°C high temperature resistance. It is manufactured according to American ASTM standards.

We have long opening hours from Monday to Friday 10am - 8pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm for your convenience to access your storages.