Frequently asked questions

What can I keep in the Safe Deposit Box?

The Safe Deposit Box provides an ideal storage for valuable items such as gold jewellery, legal documents and souvenir. But you are not permitted to store liquids, illegal or dangerous items such as explosives or items causing nuisance to Megalock and other customers.

Why do I need a Safe Deposit Box?

Burglary is one of the common crimes in Hong Kong. Safe Deposit Box is an ideal choice if you have concerns about the safety of your valuables at home.

What are the security measures taken by Megalock?

Megalock employed external security consultant to supervise the security system. All Safe Deposit Box are manufactured according to UL standard.The Vault is monitored by professional security system 24 hours a day with security guard on duty in the vault.

What are the procedures to rent a Safe Deposit Box?

No appointment is necessary. Visit Megalock in person with identification document. Rent and security deposit have to be paid in advance. Customers are free to rent a Box by two persons jointly. If the renter is a Limited Company, a copy of the Business Registration Certificate and Resolution of the Board of Directors are required.

What if I forget to pay the rent on time?

If there is arrears in payment, Megalock will send a reminder to you; and will not permit you to access your Box until all arrears are cleared.

Does Megalock arrange insurance for the contents of the Safe Deposit Box?

Megalock have arranged an Property All Risks insurance for the contents of each Box of HK$100,000 per claim. All claims are subject to the rules and conditions in the Policy.

What happens if I lost the key?

You have to inform Megalock in writing promptly. Megalock will arrange a locksmith to break open the Box and replace a new lock in your presence. The current charge for break open and replacement of lock is HK$1,400 which is subject to adjustment without prior notice.

Will my property in the Safe Deposit Box be forfeited by the Liquidator if Megalock is winding up?

No. Since you are the owner of the contents in the Box, Megalock is just a bailee on your behalf. Megalock has no title to the contents. The ownership of the contents still belongs to you even if Megalock is winding up.